SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization processes have been changing from years! Some techniques are real worth to make a note, also some techniques changed for better results. Mentioned below are some of the SEO Tips:

URL Structure – Make sure url’s are simple, readable & meaningful. Use hyphens (-) as word separators other than underscores (_).

Meta Tag’s – Meta Tag’s include Title, Description & Keywords, write unique meta tags for each page/blog post and make sure meta tags are communicating the facts.

Alt Tags – These are nothing but Image Tags. Use relevant keywords to tag the images in the website/blog. But don’t stuff the keywords to single image; one relevant keyword is good to go with one image.

Content – Content is always King. Create unique, fresh and engaging content consistently. Older posts or pages in the website need to be updated timely by adding new content. In Worst cases redirect (301 redirect) to newer & fresh content or posts.

Page Load Speed – The content of web pages gives page load speed of one’s website. This should always be within second that is a website/page should load in a second. Get rid of anything that slows the website/page or loads more than a second. Check your website page load speed.

Mobile Compatibility – Nowadays everyone have a mobile in hand with internet, so make sure the website is mobile friendly, right from site layout. Some websites build mobile versions separately, which is recommended.

Link In & Out – Always practice & implement internal linking within website and do external linking to other relevant blogs or websites.

Web Analytics – Google offers many free tools, among them Google Analytics and Google Web Masters or Google Search Console are must have tools. One can easily analyze and track what’s happening with the website.

Social Channels – Depending upon the type of product or service, one can sign up with relevant social channels that suit their type of business. Impact of social shares that is tweets, likes, comments, pins on search engine ranking are more. Thus social media is essential for SEO.

Domain Age – The age of domain or website also matters. Don’t frequently change website or domain name, unless & until it is very necessary.

The above mentioned are some SEO Tips to practice and there are many more tips by Joshua Hardwick, head of content @ Ahrefs.

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