3D view of Animals by Google

Google has introduced 3D objects in 2019 and these can be viewed or watched using AR (Augmented Reality). It’s been a year and since then Google added some animals to experience the 3D view of animals.

List of animals that can be viewed in 3D:

Alligator, Bear, Cat, Cheetah, Dog, Duck, Eagle, Goat, Horse, Lion, Macaw, Octopus, Panda, Penguin, Pug, Rottweiler, Shark, Snake, Tiger, Turtle & Wolf.

As on date Google has limited with the above set of animals to view/watch in 3D. It is working upon adding more animals to experience in 3D. In future, other than Animals it (Google) is also working upon some Planets to experience in 3D.

Who & where can we 3D view these animals?

As this is a new generation feature it is quite obvious that this can be experienced in only the latest devices. We cannot experience this on any computer or laptop, not even by all the phones either. This can be experienced upon Smartphone’s, that is Android smart phone or tablet running Android 7.0 version or later and Iphone or Ipad running IOS 11.0 version or later. Hope we can get this feature on more smart phones in future.

Steps to experience 3D view of Animals by Google:

Step1 – Open Google Search in any of the above mentioned smart phones and search for an animal.

For example, We search for Bengal Tiger (as it is our national animal). Once we type the name in Google search bar and tap search icon, we can see the below image.

the digital pilots - 3D animals google

Step2 – As seen in the above image, we can see a “View in 3D” option, just click on that.

Step3 – We will be able to see the shadow of tiger on our phone screen. Follow the instructions shown in the phone here after.

Step4 – Move the phone from one end to other end and finally we can see a Tiger in 3D in our house/room.

Step5 – We can even resize the Tiger by zoom in and out.

Step6 – Once it is done, we can take a picture of 3D Tiger in our home/room. We can also ask our child to sit or stand next to that and take a picture. This picture can be saved into our smart phone photos.

So let’s try this amazing 3D experience via AR from Google and have our favorite animals in our house/room.

We will keep you posted!

Thank You.

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